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As one of the leading "thought-leaders" and online authorities in the landscaping industry, Paul has built a loyal and trusted following online that has resulted in brand deals, speaking engagements and more!

You already know that the top experts, thought leaders, and brands you currently look up to have created a brand with unbreakable influence & brand loyalty.   

And chances are, that’s exactly what you want too, right?

That's why I created the 90 Day Authority you can amplify your social media presence and become the top "go-to" option for your customers.


Learn my exact social media strategies and content blueprint that has helped my clients and I land lucrative brand deals, make passive income and create NEW sustainable revenue streams!


You see, most business owners struggle to find the time and clarity to create influential content that actually brings in more sales & business.

And, if you’re like most business owners, you’ve already…

    • Spent countless hours trying to figure out the algorithms 
    • Been inconsistent with posting content
    • Struggle to get engagement with your social content
    • Uncertain on what type of content to create
    • Confused on what social media platform(s) to focus on
    • Tried growing your social media with little to zero results

It's time to Maximize your reach and monetize your social presence with cutting edge insights with proven, actionable social media strategies.

The 90 Day Authority Accelerator is perfect for you if YOU want to:


Grow Your Online Presence 

  • Become the go-to option for your market and grow a following that converts into paying customers 

Streamline Your Social Media

  • Create the systems, content and team needed to becoming more consistent online 

Attract Your Ideal Customers

  • Position your business as an influential authority and industry leader to attract qualified leads that turn into ideal customers

Amplify your influence and get paid!

The Online Authority Accelerator is your surefire way to turn your expertise into a profitable revenue source. Learn the exact social media strategies and systems I use to grow my influence, impact and income!

Defining Your Digital Authority

  • Identify Goal for online presence (Digital Authority Goals)
  • Audit where they are currently at
  • Creating their customer avatar 
  • Study competition for content trends & ideas
  • Create content pillars
  • And more!

Hiring a content team

  • Where to hire
  • Training your team (google conference: Video call trainings & expectations)
  • Hiring editor (Podcast Audio Designer, Youtube Video Editor)
  • Hiring graphic designers (Thumbnails, Website)
  • And more!

Monetizing your Content

  • How to attract your dream sponsorships 
  • How to pitch sponsors
  • How to close sponsorships
  • How to earn money with affiliate marketing
  • And more!

"Paul Jamison helped me secure a lucrative brand sponsorship that made producing my podcast, "Profits with Pajak '', possible. Implementing just a few of his recommendations, I've gained additional sponsorship deals, opening up a whole new world of revenue. Paul's insights and guidance has significantly boosted my business success."

- John Pajak

What’s makes me different…

    • Walk the walk 

      With over 200,000+ followers across multiple social media platforms, I’ve grown a massive loyal social media following in just a few short years. I post every day and have developed a content system to create with consistency and longevity. 


       Actionable Plan 

      Get direct insights and guidance as I help my clients audit, analyze and create content that converts. Clearly define a plan that is results-oriented based on your specific goals. 


      Simplified Strategies 

      You already know social media can get complicated, so I’m taking years of knowledge, insights & expertise and providing straightforward strategies that are geared towards turning your social content into a boost of revenue!


Take your business to the next level and learn the 3 proven pillars to Online Authority. I'll help you Master your Social Strategy, Content Creation Process and show you how to attract more ideal customers, so you can have your best year yet!


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